A worldwide transportation communication network for moving companies, their move partners and customers
The GOgistiX network is the moving industry’s solution to communication delays, costly data errors and document exchange problems.

Using GOgistiX, companies can exchange data and documents in real time without having to send a single fax or pick up the phone. With the state of the art GOgistiX technology, you are able to quickly reach your move partners and your customers across the world. It does not matter what internal system or software your partners use.

If your system is GOgistiX-enabled, you are on the GOgistiX network and connected to hundreds of other companies. From your GOgistiX-enabled system you can determine with whom you share information, how data is updated and monitored, and the rules for exchanging data and documents.

Who connects to GOgistiX?
Moving companies
Billing companies
Claims adjusters
Third-party software systems
All Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) products
are GOgistiX enabled.

October 3 - October 6, 2019 IAM Annual Conference
National Harbor, Maryland
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We are proud to use our software to help fight hunger!
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