The GOgistiX network is the industry’s solution to communication delays, data errors and document exchange problems. With state of the art GOgistiX technology, you are able to quickly share data, shipments and documents with confidence that they will reach their destination securely. It doesn’t matter what internal system or software your partners use. Because whenever data is shared, it is encrypted and imported to your system, without double data entry or costly errors.
When you’re on the network, you are connected to hundreds of other companies, putting the resources of the entire moving industry at your fingertips. Cutting-edge communication tools make it easy for you to work cooperatively with your partners, while still remaining independent and competitive.
GOgistiX-enabled carriers and van linescan integrate with their internal systems easily, find available agents quickly, offer and oversee shipments and monitor agent performance.
GOgistiX-enabled agentscan market their availability and provide services to carriers all over the world, connect with other agents and reduce phone calls, faxes and data entry.
GOgistiX-enabled forwarderscan share moving details with their agent partners automatically, manage each service provider’s role in one place, and provide better communication to their customers.
GOgistiX-enabled claims adjusterscan receive claims data, view shipper claims history, share data, inventories and pictures with repair companies and settle claims from one application.
GOgistiX-enabled repair companiescan connect with claims companies, receive job offers and send pictures, inspection reports and repair estimates seamlessly.
GOgistiX-enabled software vendorscan provide additional value to their customers by allowing them to connect, exchange data and share documents with their partners regardless of their software.
The GOgistiX network has been designed with one key initiative in mind: to simplify your daily communication. We know so much of your business is tied to working with your partners. The GOgistiX network is hard at work to provide automated solutions and instant, seamless communication to you and your team. The days of phone calls, faxes and emails are gone. With one click, you can send and receive any data you need.
GET SURVEY INFORMATION INSTANTLY Onsite staff can complete their survey, and send data, photos and estimates automatically.
SEND AND RECEIVE DATA SEAMLESSLY When anyone updates a shipment record, the data will be shared and sync with every company working that job.
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It’s easier than you think to connect your business to the GOgistiX network. We are integrated with most major van lines, several software vendors in the moving and storage industry, claims companies, insurers and third party providers. Plus, for companies in need of comprehensive move management software, we have software for every agent in every market. Contact our sales staff today, to find out the easiest way to get your business on the GOgistiX network.
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